Mentorship is a common concept in our circles, universally accepted as a good idea. A necessity, even. Nobody thinks you shouldn’t have a mentor. And a few years on the job market, many of us start to vaguely think that we should be mentors, too. Share our experience! Ask us anything!

Over the past decade, my friend Alexandre Simon and I have dutifully accepted invitations to be mentors for all kinds of startup accelerators and community-run mentorship programs, and looked after junior designers that passed through our respective studios.

Earlier this year, a large corporation asked us to build a…

Follows part I.

Next are the practices that we organically developed throughout the course of the project.

Last year, I climbed onstage with Mael Inizan to introduce our customer experience project with Eurotunnel, the Channel operator, at an enterprise design conference themed “Better Futures”.

The project was a huge undertaking and success was not a given. There were many firsts for everyone involved. I encourage you to watch the video if you want to see a CX case study that goes beyond the fluff.

Over the course of six months, we built out the foundational standards content and orchestrated new pieces to bring it to life, including the adoption of a service status system, new roles and…

Design sprints have seen massive adoption in the past few years, driven by widely available resources and enthusiastic communities of practice. As our collective practice grows, their utility as a problem-solving tool has grown, too. People are experimenting with adaptations to take on bigger and more complex challenges, as was evidenced at a recent Design Sprint conference here in Paris, where one sub-theme was titled ‘One sprint is not enough’.

My own experience includes challenges like vision setting and org design, with configurations from two hours training sessions to elongated two week versions and everything in between, working with a…

In the past few weeks Paris has had big grey skies with fleeting moments of clear blues and bright sunlight, while still remaining cold and rainy. It’s not spring yet, regardless of the increase in pollen that’s starting to make me sneeze.

Inviting people into conversations

A brighter beam of sunlight was an observation by my AQ colleague Sachiko about client onboarding, which led to clearer thinking about the essence of onboarding — it’s an invitation to join a journey — and how we might better design for it.

Why are we here? It’s a question that we keep coming back to in all…

The ResearchOps community organises remote town hall sessions to explore different perspectives of #ResearchOps. For the 4th edition, we had the pleasure of welcoming Arnab Pal from Clinton Health Access Initiative.

Drawing on lessons from a recent study undertaken in rural Punjab with Hepatitis C patients, Arnab presented the challenges of organising and conducting research along with the iterative models used to stay nimble and agile during the exploratory and deep-dive phases in sensitive zones.

Brilliantly hosted by Chris Adams and Nishita Gill.

Key segments:

  • 00:04:00- Arnab and Nishita’s talk
  • 00:35:45- Q&A session
  • 00:43:45- Updates from ReOps, including a sneak peek…

Wat Saman Rattanaram in Chachoengsao, a 2hr drive from Bangkok

Saying our new year prayers

In Tokyo, we would typically visit a shrine or temple (or both) to put forth prayers and good vibes into the universe for the coming year. This year we greeted the new year in Bangkok, so one of my sisters used her spider senses and the Internet to identify the luckiest symbols in the vicinity. Def the most powerful of all the places that Japanese like to call ‘power spots’…!

Design Your Talk Topic workshop in Singapore

Following the Tokyo edition, I hosted a Women Talk Design workshop on Designing Your Talk Topic with my ResearchOps buddy Sam Yuen. What I really like about this workshop is…

This week I flew out to Tokyo to start my annual winter trip.

Ran a workshop about Designing your talk topic

As my first activity as an instructor for Women Talk Design, I ran a workshop at AQ’s office for people interested in public speaking. Anyone who’s able to attend a 2hr workshop after work during peak party season must have an iron will, and my job was to hold the space for them to reflect on why they want to put themselves out there and articulate how they might make it happen. …

Post-workshop walk at Cap Blanc-Nez on the coast of Calais

One of my highlights of this week was participating in a workshop by Alanna Irving, masterfully facilitated by Nenad Maljković. A group of 20+ of us from all around the globe explored Full Circle Leadership through a series of reflective activities and discussions.

Full Circle Leadership is based on Alanna’s model of the eight facets of leadership — a versatile thinking tool for assessing individual or team skills. It can also used to identify gaps in project life-cycles.

By expanding our definition of leadership, we can see that most if not all people have leadership qualities which carry importance in…

Tomomi Sasaki

Strategic design, user experience and conversations. Weeknotes:

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